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Bass Lake Mobile Park

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About Us

We are a small, friendly, older mobile home park, located in the beautiful central Sierra Mountain Range, and just right outside of the town of North Fork Ca., and was built to support travel trailers for those hearty individuals who worked the once prominent logging industry that was here.  (For those who are familiar with the area you may recall the previous names of "South Fork Trailer Park"  or "Colemans Trailer Park" for many years!)

North Fork at one time, was a very active logging town, complete with its own lumber mill which cut, milled and provided the lumber for construction taking place down on the valley floor.

The logging industry was going strong then, and provided jobs to the local mountain residents and others from outside of the area seeking employment in the logging industry.  Rigging men, Timber Fallers , Choke setters and Mill workers all found seasonal work which earned them enough pay to see them through the winter months~  (YES! we get snow, but only enough to enjoy it, before it leaves~)

Today, most of the old buildings still stand within the town of North Fork in quiet testament to the once booming logging industry , the residents who helped to build the town, and where most of residents and their families still reside within this lovely mountain community.

As you would hope and expect, the crime rate is low here North Fork in general, and here at the park we have neighborhood watch  (neighbors watching out for neighbors), as any community should do, but in larger cities most people dont get to know their neighbors.  Our smaller sized "community" residing here at the park makes knowing your neighbor easier, and yet maintain each Tenants privacy levels.  Management makes every attempt and strives to provide  a secure and safe place to live!  After all,  "We" your Managers - live here too!